Perhaps one of the most frustrating barriers to sexual satisfaction a woman can go through is a libido that seemingly vanishes into thin air. Whether it’s health-related, work-related or there are issues lying dormant in your relationship with your sexual partner or partners, a lowered libido is an obstacle that can really knock you back. For those who are sexually active, finding the kind of sexual fulfillment we crave can be a key to happiness and satisfaction; when the ability to achieve that fulfillment goes *poof!* then it’s time to step back and assess what’s going on.

First off, you should know that more often than not, if you’re currently experiencing issues with a lower-than-normal (for you) libido and you want to actively fix it, then there is frequently an identifiable cause and an identifiable solution. You’re not alone!

Now, let’s look at what might be causing your lower libido. According to Dr. Prudence Hall, who has more than 30 years of medical experience as a practicing physician, low libido generally has both physical and emotional causes.

Among the physical causes is hormones and entering different stages of life. Assuming you’re too young for menopause to be the culprit, Hall points toward weight gain as a potential cause for lower libido. “When women gain weight due to low estrogen states and other reasons, they frequently avoid sex,” she explains. “So many women tell me they simply feel unattractive and ashamed about their bodies that they won’t show them to their partners—even with minimal weight gain.”..





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