What does it say about me that I enjoyed the art of a person who would do such a thing?

But we nearly lost her decades ago.As anyone who has read her autobiography I, Tina, or watched the film adaptation, What’s Love Got to Do With It?, knows, Turner was abused for years by her ex-husband, Ike Turner.

People knew it was happening and accepted it because he was the man who collected their checks and led the band.

Before their relationship ended, she tried to commit suicide.

When she left him, people asked her why it took so long.

Sadly, when it comes to the music industry, that seems to be the bottom line: ethics are nice, but the bottom line is what matters.AdvertisementThe music business has always had a big problem: From the days of Chuck Berry to Pete Townshend to Michael Jackson to Ian Watkins to Chris Brown, music labels consistently continued to support artists who are known to do harm to women — in many cases, choosing its bottom line over their safety.


MeToo Music Industry, Hollywood Sexual Abuse


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